About G2W

Grow to Work is a business based at Thornylee (near Galashiels, in the central Scottish Borders) which provides training and work experience young adults from a range of backgrounds, who are unable to access these opportunities in the mainstream.

Our trainees
are a mix of young people with additional needs and those from mainstream who couldn’t find work for whatever reason, e.g. they haven't achieved the qualifications employers are looking for, so want to build up their skills and experience at Grow to Work before applying for jobs or college. This forms our buddy system, where people from different backgrounds work together for mutual benefit.

Our main employment activity is gardening and groundskeeping. The Grow to Work team provides a range of services in the local area for residential and commercial customers. We are also have a small horticulture operation growing fruit and veg on six acres of farmland at Thornylee, snow clearing and furniture restoration.

We are a social enterprise, meaning that we are driven by social and environmental purposes, and our profits are reinvested in the business for the benefit of the community. We aim to help trainees increase their self-esteem through work, and avoid developing the physical and mental health issues which are caused by inactivity. We also provide opportunities for other members of the community to volunteer and pass on their knowledge.

Legal information: Grow to Work is a trading name of Grow to Work C.I.C., a community interest company limited by guarantee and registered in Scotland number SC431828, which is managed by a voluntary board of directors. Our community interest statement which can be downloaded here.